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Consumer Source Capture

By offering your retail customers a simple way to scan and deposit checks from the convenience of their home or office, Consumer Source Capture™ from Fiserv will help you attract new customers, grow revenue and increase online banking usage – without compromising security or processing quality.

Web-based consumer capture solutions have proven to be efficient and secure for business customers of financial institutions, and Consumer Source Capture extends that same functionality to the next frontier – retail consumers. The rise of online banking has shown that many consumers are eager to streamline their financial needs. Home deposit capabilities is an exciting new enhancement to your online channel and can serve as an effective tool for attracting new market share.

Consumer Source Capture provides an easy to learn, secure way to deposit checks using a simple scanner and any computer with Internet access — freeing your consumer and small business customers from waiting in line at the branch or ATM, or from needing deposit slips. Our consumer capture solution also makes funds available sooner with less risk of lost or stolen checks.Institutions large and small need ways to increase their geographic footprint in order to build and strengthen customer satisfaction and retention. Consumer Source Capture offers you streamlined deposit management and reduced processing and paper-handling costs. In addition to the potential fee revenue associated with home deposit services, the convenience of our solution can improve customer relationships, while encouraging greater usage of your online banking services.

Consumer Source Capture is an easy-to-use, web-based application that requires no installation of software on your customer’s computer. The solution enables them to create check images using any standard TWAIN scanner.


Your Financial Institution:

  • New, recurring revenue
  • Reduced processing costs for deposits
  • Increased deposit activity/increased use of online banking
  • Ability to serve customers anywhere, beyond traditional geographic limits
  • Improved customer retention
  • A single technology platform for other remote deposit capture solutions
  • Expanded deposit windows

Your Retail Customers:

  • Added convenience and time savings
  • Reduced costs, by eliminating trips to a branch location
  • Improved funds availability through timely deposits
  • Complete, online summaries about past deposits with access to check
  • Images for reference

> For more information on Consumer Source Capture, contact us at 888.746.3448 or Request More Information.


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