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PEP+ reACH™ from Fiserv allows you to swiftly turn paper checks into automated clearing house (ACH) transactions. With Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC), you can expect reduced processing costs, enhanced cash flow and higher collection rates on first deposits. PEP+ reACH offers banks and their large remittance customers a suite of products designed to meet the high demands of a successful lockbox check conversion implementation. And by offering check conversion services as part of existing ACH operations, financial institutions can manage check conversion exceptions with the same processes used for other ACH transactions.

PEP+ reACH is a NACHA-compliant check conversion solution that provides:

  • A proprietary database housing more than 20 years of transaction intelligence gleaned from converting check data to ACH payments
  • Highly successful MICR parsing and decision-based controls to determine which items are to be converted
  • Integration with third-party databases ensures the viability of converted items across a variety of architectures and networks
  • Scalability for the anticipated growth in ACH volume
  • Ability to leverage existing investments in technology by utilizing the same platform currently used by remittance solutions and PEP+™
  • Minimal impact to current processes employed by remittance operations at the bank and corporate banking customers
  • Increased visibility into ACH processes to facilitate the large demand created by retail customers
  • Consolidated management controls and reporting for converted items
  • Customer support and implementation services from our highly knowledgeable staff

With PEP+ reACH, you'll experience faster turnaround, lower costs and tighter security while ensuring customer confidentiality.

> For more information on PEP+ reACH, contact us at 888.746.3448 or Request More Information.


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