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PEP+ô from Fiserv is a mainframe, real-time system that enables the origination and receipt of electronic payments through the automated clearing house (ACH). Recognized as the industry standard, PEP+ replaces inefficient, manual processes and automates the high volumes of edits and interfaces to the ACH network.

PEP+ offers you superior functionality, automating virtually every step in ACH processing, which results in greater efficiency and customer service capability. With PEP+, you get Web access for self-service and efficiency, and an exceptional capacity to handle ever-increasing transaction volumes. And, we also offer a comprehensive series of add-on modules, such as ACH risk management, stop pay billing, automated scheduling and arrival processing, prefunding, electronic payment authorization, extended retention, customer activity reporting, voice response and more (mainframe and PC-based), to enable customized processing.

We developed PEP+ with flexible and robust capabilities including:

  • Online access and control
  • Risk management
  • Multi-institutional processing
  • Automated stop payments
  • Automated scheduling
  • Debit authorization and protection
  • Automated settlement and returns

More than two-thirds of the nationís 14 billion ACH payments are processed using our PEP+ software. You can rely on us for highly efficient and technologically advanced ACH processing.

> For more information on PEP+, contact us at 888.746.3448 or Request More Information.


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