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Payments Processing

The rapid migration to electronic and image-based payments is challenging financial institutions to re-engineer their core payment processing systems, reduce liabilities caused by disparate payment silos, and offer new products and services to meet evolving customer requirements.

Fiserv is helping financial institutions meet these challenges head-on, with payments technology solutions designed to reduce expenses, optimize efficiency and revenue, and support payments convergence strategies. Recognizing the pivotal role payments play in your business, we offer a full range of solutions to meet your current needs and provide a secure foundation for future growth.

Our payment processing solutions include:

 ACH Processing - Our mainframe, real-time system enables the origination and receipt of electronic payments through the automated clearing house. More ··>
 Check Conversion - PEP+ reACH lets you to take advantage of new check conversion opportunities by increasing efficiency in your back office check conversion operations. More ··>
 Remote Deposit Capture - Our Remote Deposit Capture Suite includes competitively priced, easily deployed solutions designed with your needs in mind. Whether deposits are taken at an ATM, a business, a branch, savings and loan or credit union, a vault, a lockbox or a customer’s home – we offer a solution that meets the precise image, data capture and security requirements for each capture site. More ··>
 Dispute Resolution - Adjustments Express™ enables financial institutions to automate the dispute resolution process to increase productivity, streamline research, reduce costs and risk, improve compliance, eliminate paper handling, and enhance customer service. More ··>
 Enterprise System of Record - All Transactions File™ is an enterprise system-of-record designed to help financial institutions manage transaction information for all record-keeping purposes. Designed to support the future payments enterprise, it provides an extendable, open database for all payment and payment-related transactions. More ··>
 ARP/SMS - (Account Reconciliation Package/Service Management System) is a fully integrated, online, real-time positive pay and reconcilement system. The system’s flexibility allows for extensive and automated positive pay reporting on a variety of accounts. More ··>
 Professional Services for Bank Payment Solutions - Helps you get your bank payment solutions up and running quickly and efficiently. More ··>

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